The ‘Survey’ Quiz Type in Thrive Quiz Builder

The “Survey” quiz evaluation type is a type of quiz in which the participants will answer a series of questions with the purpose of providing information with regards to a certain topic.

This type of quiz is especially useful for learning more about your visitors and segmenting your existing customer base.

At the end of the quiz, the “Results Page” will not display a customized result based on each participants’ answers, as a quiz would normally do, but instead, it will display the same content for each participant.

Set up Your Quiz

Once you have added a new quiz and named it, you can then go ahead and select the quiz type.

Choose a Quiz Type

Click on the “Change Type” button, which will trigger a pop-up with all the available quiz types:

From the list, select “Survey” and click on “Save”:

Choose a Quiz Style

The next step is setting up the quiz style:

You will be prompted with a new window with all the available styles you can choose from:

More details about how you can customize your quiz style can be found in this article.

Set up the Splash & Results Pages

The next step in the process is setting up the questions and answers and you can do that from the “Quiz Structure” dashboard that loads up on screen after you set the style:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the quiz structure includes a splash page and a results page, and of course, the questions which are the most important aspect of a survey type of quiz.

Note: Some of the available quiz templates have an “Opt-in Gate” page added by default to the quiz structure. If you want to learn more about how to use and set up an “Opt-in Gate” in your quiz, make sure to read this article liked here.

For setting up the “Splash” and the “Results” pages, click on the “Manage” button underneath their corresponding card:

In the new window that opens, click on the “Edit Design” button:

You will notice that both pages will have a similar design, based on the style which you’ve set for your quiz.

The “Splash Page” template

The “Splash Page” template that you can choose looks like this:

The “Results Page” template

The “Results Page” template follows the same structure and style, in order to maintain consistency throughout the quiz:

Add Questions and Answers

In order to start setting up your questions, click on the “Manage” button as shown below:

Then, in the new window that opens, click on “Add Question”:

There are three different types of questions you can choose from: “Multiple Choice with Buttons”, “Multiple Choice with Images” and “Open Ended Question”:

Depending on how you want to create your survey quiz type, select the question type that you want. For this example, I will choose an “Open Ended Question” in order to allow the participants to write down their own answer:

For this particular type of question, you have the following options: you can write down your question, and a description text if needed.

In the same pop-up, you can also activate the “Required field” (which will make the answer field will be a required one), and decide the “Form Size” (the field where the users will insert their answers).

Lastly, in the “Advanced Answer Settings”, you can determine the minimum and maximum character limits, as well as the “Placeholder text”.

The “Preview” field lets you see how the answers will look like for the users who take the quiz.

Below you can find more articles about how to set up the questions for your quiz:

After the users complete the quiz, they will be redirected to the “Results Page” which, as explained at the beginning of the article, will show the same content for everyone:

You can leave the message as it is, or you can customize it to your liking from the left sidebar in Thrive Architect.

Whenever you would like to access the reports and the answers given by the users, simply go to the reporting section from the main dashboard:

Here’s an article that might be useful to you if you want to learn more about this section.

These are the steps for setting up a “Survey” quiz type.

If you need more information about the Thrive Quiz Builder, feel free to check out this section of our knowledge base.

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