The ‘Category’ Quiz Type in Thrive Quiz Builder

The “Category” quiz evaluation type consists of the fact that at the end of the quiz, the visitors will be placed into one of the categories set by you while configuring the quiz.

The result the visitors will see, based on their answers, is one of the categories that you have created and set up, as shown in this article.

This is useful when you have a finite list of results. An example might be a “What’s your personality type?” quiz. The results set might be:

  1. Introvert
  2. Extrovert

Each of the above results is actually a category that you will find out how to set up in the following sections.

Set up Your Quiz

Once you have added a new quiz and named it, you can then go ahead and select the quiz type.

Choose a Quiz Type

Click on the “Choose Type” button, which will trigger a pop-up with all the available quiz types:

By clicking either on the “Choose Type” button or on the black background description, you will be sent to the “Quiz Evaluation Type” window, where we will select, in this case, the “Category” quiz type:

After you have chosen the “Category” quiz type, you can go on and click on the “Continue” button. This will lead you to a window in which you will need to set up the actual categories of your quiz.

Choose the Quiz Settings

You can easily add the categories by typing them into the corresponding field and then clicking on the plus sign, or simply by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard:

Note: You can add up to 25 different categories.


If a quiz taker has the same score for two different categories, then the plugin will choose the category that was placed first when setting up the quiz settings

Besides the categories, you can also set the “Feedback” options from the same pop-up window.

The “Don’t display feedback” option will not show any kind of feedback after the user has answered the question:

The next radio button lets you decide how many seconds should the feedback be displayed on the screen. You can simply delete the default value and put in the desired number of seconds:

Selecting the last option will allow you to choose for the feedback to disappear when someone clicks on the “Next” button:

Enable this toggle if you want to allow the users to revisit a previous question:

Here’s an article that explains in detail how the quiz navigation works:

When you have finished customizing all the settings for your quiz, don’t forget to press the “Save” button.

Choose a Quiz Style

After customizing the quiz settings, you will have to go on to the next step and select the quiz style:

More details about how you can customize your quiz style can be found in this article.

Add questions and answers

The next step in the process will load automatically on screen and will allow you to actually set up the questions and answers for your quiz.

In order to do that, click on the manage button:

Afterwards, you can proceed with adding the questions for the quiz:

Clicking on the “Add Question” button will trigger a new pop-up with three different question types:

Once you have selected a question type, a pop-up window will display on-screen where you can write down your question, one or more answers, and also, assign a category to each of the answers.

In the same pop-up, you can also assign weights and determine the importance of a particular answer, by giving it a numeric value.

Additionally, you can also add tags to each of your answers.

If you want to find out more in-depth details about how to use all of these options, please take a look at this article.

Lastly, you have the possibility of deleting or rearranging questions to your liking:

The purpose of the “Category” quiz type is to show the users which category they fit in, based on the answers they gave while taking the quiz.

This way, after the users finish the quiz, a success message will appear on the screen and let them know to which category they belong:


The success message displayed at the end can also be modified by changing the style of your quiz or by modifying the results page.

But what happens if the results are tied?

The answer here is simple: if a user scores the same for two category types, the quiz will follow the positioning of the categories, in order to determine the result.

We have this detailed in a separate article, so make sure to check it out to find out more information about tied scores in this quiz type.

Note: If you want to be even more specific with the result shown to the visitors, you can use dynamic values:


We have a separate tutorial in our knowledge base that goes through the process of setting this up, and you can find it linked here.

This is how you can configure the “Category” quiz type in Thrive Quiz Builder!

Hopefully, this article answered all your questions. However, should you need additional information please check out our knowledge base articles here.

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