Styling Paragraphs in Thrive Architect

After you have added a paragraph to your page with the help of the “Text” element, you will have the possibility to add/apply a style for the respective paragraph.

The way in which you can do that is similar to the way you apply styles to headings, described here. If you want to find out how to add a style for a paragraph, keep reading this article.

Make the text a paragraph

The first thing you need to do in order to apply a style to a paragraph is to make sure the text added is a paragraph, if it isn’t a paragraph already.

By default, when you add a “Text” element to your post/page, the text is set as a “Paragraph”. If, however, you want to turn another type of text (a heading or a plain text) into a “Paragraph”, you can do that.

Select the text that you want to make a “Paragraph”. Then, go to the “Panel Options”, on the top part of the editor:

Go to the field with “Plain text” (in case the selected text is a “Plain text” one; it can also be a “Heading…” one), and click on it:

A sub-menu will open, containing some heading options, the “Paragraph” option and the “Plain text” one as well. Naturally, to make the text a paragraph, click on the first option from the sub menu:

After you have made your text a paragraph (or made sure that your text is a paragraph), go to the “Panel Options” again, while the paragraph is still selected, and click on the section with the paragraph:

This will open the sub-menu with the options, which are divided into two tabs: the “Default” and the “Custom” tabs:

Use the Default tab

The first tab is the “Default” one, which contains the list of the available text styles. If you hover over the “Paragraph” option, another sub-menu will open on the right side:

Apply Paragraph

If you want to turn a “Heading” or a “Plain text” into a “Paragraph”, you can either click on the “Paragraph” option, after you’ve selected the text, or you can select the text and click on “Apply Paragraph” from this sub-menu:

Update Paragraph to match

The next option from the sub-menu is the “Update Paragraph to match” one:

If you modify the font, size, color, etc. of a paragraph, you can click on the modified one, and choose the “Update Paragraph to match” option.

This will modify all the paragraphs (the ones from this page, as well as the paragraphs from the other pages of this type, plus the paragraphs from the posts of your website) and make them look like the one you customized.

As an example, I will take these two paragraphs and apply the “Italic” option to the selected one:

Now, if I go to the “Paragraph” option from the “Panel Options”, and choose the “Update Paragraph to match” option, every paragraph will inherit the “Italic” style:

Note: Important things to keep in mind regarding this option:

  • If you use the “Update Paragraph to match” option on simple pages, the changes will be applied on a website level. This means, that not only the paragraphs from this page but also the paragraphs from other pages of this type, as well as the paragraphs from your posts, will be updated automatically. However, this does not include Landing Pages. If you use the “Update Paragraph to match” option on a simple page, the updates will not be applied to the paragraphs from Landing Pages.
  • Also, if you will use the “Update Paragraph to match” option on a Landing Page, then, the changes will only be applied to the paragraphs from the respective Landing Page. This is because Landing Page Templates have their own typography settings, that are suitable with their design. So, the updates you apply, using this option, to paragraphs from Landing Pages, will only be applied on a page-level.

Reset Style

The last option from the sub-menu is the “Reset Style” one:

With the help of this option, you can reset the style of paragraphs to their initial (theme inherited) appearance, in case:

  • you have applied a different style to paragraphs, using the “Update Paragraph to match” option described above;
  • you have changed something in the default paragraph settings (font, color, size, etc.), from the “Typography Settings” (if you are using a Thrive Theme Builder Theme);
  • or if you have changed the default paragraph settings from the “Appearance” “Customize” “Fonts” section of your WordPress admin dashboard (if you are using a different theme).

If you have applied a style to your paragraphs, using any of these three methods, and now you would like to change the style of the paragraphs back, simply click on the “Reset Style” option from here:

You can use this option anytime, for any of the paragraphs from your simple pages/posts and the resetting will happen on a website-level.

This means that once you reset the style of one paragraph, the style of all the other paragraphs will be reset automatically too. All the paragraphs will return to their initially inherited settings from the theme.

For instance, in the example used above, resetting the style will make the text have its initial look (without Italic applied to it):

Note: When you use the “Reset Style” option for a paragraph from a simple pages/posts, the reset will be applied on a website-level automatically, to every paragraph found on the simple pages/posts of your website (except the ones on Landing Pages).

However, when you use the “Reset Style” option for a paragraph on a Landing Page, then, only the styles of the paragraphs from that Landing Page will be reset. Therefore, when used on Landing Page paragraphs, the “Reset Style” option will only be applied on a page-level.

Custom Tab

The other tab is the “Custom” tab. Using this tab, you can save the style of a paragraph and use it later. Naturally, first, you should customize the paragraph, to have the style that you want to save.

After you have customized the “Paragraph” text as you wish, go to the “Panel Options”, click on the section with the paragraph again and then select the “Custom” tab, from the sub-menu that opens:

Then, name the style in the “Enter style name” field and, once you have done that, click on the blue “Save” button:

Your new custom style will appear in the “Custom” list, and you will be able to use it whenever you wish:

There are also some additional options you can use for the newly saved style. After you have saved the style, first, open the sub-menu and the tab again from the “Panel Options”.

Then, hover over the new paragraph style you have saved and you will see a sub-menu with the additional options:

The first two options the “Apply saved style” and the “Update … to match” options are similar to the ones described above (Apply paragraph and Update paragraph style).

Furthermore, instead of the “Reset Style” option, there is the “Delete Style” one. If you click on it, a small pop-up will open, where you have to confirm that you are sure about deleting the style. Click on “Ok” if you want to continue:

If you decide to delete a style, all the paragraphs that had that style will be reset to default. Therefore, deleting a style does not only affect one paragraph but every paragraph that the style was applied to.

This is how you can use the paragraph style options when editing a page or post. If you need to find out more information about various Thrive Architect elements, make sure to check out our Knowledge Base.

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