Setting Up the SendOwl Listener

An important step of the SendOwl Settings process is to make sure that your SendOwl account and your Thrive Apprentice account are connected and can “communicate” with each other.

In order to do that you will need to set up the SendOwl Listener. Once this is done, the end-user can be redirected when necessary and the orders can be sent to the correct website.

Here are the steps for setting up the SendOwl Listener:

1. Copy the Listener URL from your Thrive Apprentice Dashboard

The first thing to do is to go to your Thrive Apprentice navigation bar and click on the “Settings” section:

From the available list, select “SendOwl”:

In the SendOwl Settings dashboard, look for the “Integration Settings” section and click on the “Integrate with SendOwl” button:

You will see the Listener URL in the second section of the “Integration Settings” page, and you can copy it from there:

2. Set up the Listener URL in SendOwl

The next step is to set up the listener URL. For that, go to your SendOwl account and click on the “Settings” section from the left sidebar:

Then, look for the “Web Hooks” in the “Advanced” part of the “Settings” page and click on it:

On this page, you can create various web hooks based on events. For example, you can add a web hook for the event when an order is completed or failed, etc.

In order to receive the payments correctly, you will need to create four web hooks for the following events:

  • when an order is completed
  • when an order fails
  • when a new payment is done
  • when a refund is issued

Click on the “Add a Web Hook” button from the upper right part of the page:

Then, start setting up the web hook for the first event:

  • add a name for the web hook (preferably something that is related to the event you are creating this web hook for) in the “Name” field
  • paste the Listener URL that you have previously copied from your Thrive dashboard in the “URL” field
  • click on the “Event” drop-down and select the event you are creating this web hook for (in this case “Order completed):

Note: While setting up the web hooks, please make sure, that you do NOT set any conditions (Product, Discount or Affiliate Conditions), because these conditions might lead to errors, if they are not met, while the visitors try to purchase the product (course), ask for a refund, etc.

Once all this is done, click on the “Create” button and the web hook will be created.

Follow the same steps for the remaining three events, the only distinction being, that you will have to select the specific events (Order failed, New Payment, Refund Issued) when setting up the web hooks for them.

Note: Please keep in mind that once the web hooks are created you can edit them anytime by clicking on them and making the necessary changes:

Other web hooks

The above mentioned four web hooks are the mandatory ones, that you will need for the connection between Thrive Apprentice and your SendOwl account to work properly.

However, you can add other types of web hooks here as well, depending on what events are likely to occur with the purchasing of your product.

For instance, you can set up a “Free order issued” web hook as well.

After the web hooks are set up, the process of setting up the SendOwl Listener is also finished.

In case you want to find out more about using web hooks, please check out this article.

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