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Setting Up Page Events to Trigger an Exit Intent or Timed Lightbox in Thrive Architect

If you want to make sure your visitors see certain promotions or offers that you have, you can set up a page event. This way the chance that the information reaches your visitors is much higher.

In order to set up page events you have to access the ā€œSettingsā€ menu (gear icon) from the right sidebar of the editor:

Then, click on the ā€œAdvanced Settingsā€ section:

After you have accessed the ā€œAdvanced Settingsā€, select the ā€œPage Eventsā€ option:

Select a trigger

The “Page Event Manager” will open and you will have to select a trigger. You can choose between “Exit intent” which means that the page event will appear when the visitor tries to exit the page, or “Timer”, meaning that the page event will be displayed after a certain amount of time:

Exit intent

In the case of the “Exit intent” you can select whether or not the event should also show up on mobile devices:

Since the exit intent cannot be detected on mobile devices, the page event will be displayed after a time delay. Thus, you will have to set up how many seconds after page load should this happen:


When selecting the “Timer” trigger you will have to do the same. You will have to set how many seconds after page load should the event be triggered and then, click on “Continue”:

Set the action for the trigger

At this next step, you set the action, the actual event that will be triggered.

So after you click on “Continue”, you can either trigger a “Thrive lightbox” or a “Thrive Leads ThriveBox”:

Thrive Lightbox

If you select “Thrive lightbox” you will have the option of creating a new lightbox or use one that you have previously created:

You can choose from the list that appears when you click on the down arrow next to the select section:

Then, you can also set up the animation for the lightbox in the same manner, by clicking on the down arrow and selecting the animation from the list that appears:

In case you created a new lightbox, you will be required to give it a name:

After you have selected the animation as well, click on “Save” and then, on the next page, click on “Edit this lightbox” to customize it:

You will be redirected to another page where you will be able to set up your lightbox with Thrive Architect. Add the elements that you wish to have in the lightbox and personalize them to suit your purposes:

When you are done, save the lightbox and after that go back to the other page and exit the “Page Event Manager”.

Thrive Leads ThriveBox

If you have Thrive Leads installed, you can also set a “Thrive Leads ThriveBox” as the Page Event. All you have to do here is select the ThriveBox that you want to be displayed and click on “Save”:

The next step is to save the page. You have the possibility to check how the page event works by using the ā€œPreview Optionā€ which you can access by clicking on the eye icon from the bottom center part of the editor:

Depending on what type of event you have set up, in the “Preview mode” the lightbox should appear either after the period of time set by you or when you try to exit the page.

If you need more info about how various elements and options in Thrive Architect work, please click here.

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