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Linking an Element to a Phone Number to Autofill Fields

If you want to find out how you can tap an element from your website, on mobile view, and automatically be redirected to a prefilled text message on your phone, then keep on reading this article:

Let’s say you have a mobile responsive website that changes the layout depending on the device on which is being viewed. Some of your pages might have various elements that, when clicked, will trigger certain actions.

Now if you are wondering if you can achieve the same on mobile view, then the answer is yes.

You can have elements on your pages that any user can tap and automatically open a text message on their phone, with a predefined text message. These kinds of elements and features make your website ideal for mobile viewing.

In this example, we’ll use an “Image” element that, when viewed and tapped on a mobile device, will automatically redirect you to a text message with a predefined text.

Firstly, open the page or post on which your image is added and edit it with Thrive Architect:

Then, select the image in order to load its left sidebar options:

What you need to do next is to activate the “Add link to image” toggle:

Once the toggle is active, this set of options will become available for your to use:

Here, make sure that the “Static link” option is selected:

Then, in the “Target URL” field, paste this text:


PHONENUMBER is the actual phone number to which you want to send the message, and TEXT is the predefined text that you want to load in your text message.

So keep in mind that you need to replace the PHONENUMBER and TEXT with a valid phone number and an actual text message that should be sent.

As an example, the “Target URL” would look something like this:

Now you can save your changes, and preview this page on a mobile device:

When tapped, the image will redirect you to an SMS with the text “Subscribed”, which is ready to be sent to the phone number inserted by you in the “Target URL” field. The only thing left to do is to send the message.

Another situation in which this feature might come in handy is if you’d have a QR code image on one of your pages. If that page is opened on a mobile device, then the user would not be able to also scan the code. However, you can follow the exact same steps as described above to link your QR code image to a phone number.

This is how you can use Thrive Architect to create a responsive element on your page, that, when tapped will redirect the users to a prefilled text message on their phone.

You can also check out this resource from our knowledge base, that might come in handy:

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