Installing Bookwise

Let’s have a look at how you can download an activate Bookwise from the Thrive cloud, if you are planning to change the appearance of your website.

Bookwise comes with pre-built template sets that you can use while building your website.

Here are the steps for installing this theme:

1.Access the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard

First, head over to your Thrive Dashboard and access Thrive Theme Builder:

In this dashboard is where you will be able to find your already existing themes, as well as load and install new ones.

2. Access the ‘Themes’ Dashboard

Click on the “Themes” tab, of the left navigation bar of Thrive Theme Builder:

This will take you to the themes dashboard, where you can add new ones or remove already existing themes. Here’s where you are also able to view the currently active theme and change it, if you want:

3. Download & Install Bookwise

In order to download Bookwise (or any other theme) from the Thrive cloud, you first have to click on the “+Add theme” button from the top right hand-side of the page:

This will trigger a pop-up, where you can choose to either download a theme from the Thrive Cloud, or to import one from your Media Library. Click on “Load from the Thrive Cloud”:

Look for Bookwise and hover over it:

This will bring up two separate options you can use here:

You can either preview how the theme would look like on your website, without actually bringing any changes to it, or you can simply go ahead and download it.

After the theme has been successfully downloaded, it will appear in the “Themes” dashboard, next to the already existing ones:

At the moment it’s not the active theme, it’s just downloaded from the cloud.

The only thing left to do is to hover it, and click on “Activate”:

Once the theme is active, you will see a success notification and you will be taken to the Thrive Theme Builder “Site Wizard”, where you can go on and make further adjustments and customizations to your newly installed theme:

If you are wondering if you can keep your brand color and typography from your currently active theme, then the answer is yes.

Bookwise will inherit the brand color and typography settings just as defined in your Thrive Theme Builder “Site Wizard”:

However, you can change that if you click on the “Branding” tab of the same left sidebar and hit the ‘reset’ button:

This will reset the color palette and you will be able to use the ‘Bookwise’ color palette form now on:

And that’s pretty much it – these are the steps for downloading and activating Bookwise on your website.

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