Guidelines for Image Gallery Thumbnail Sizes

When using the “Image Gallery” element on your website, you might have seen that you can choose the size of the thumbnails:

This article will explain what each of these sizes represents.

→ Medium Thumbnail Size

Choosing a medium thumbnail size will result in your website loading a bit faster.

However, the image size will be smaller, which, in some cases, will reduce the image quality, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing this option.

As for the actual thumbnail size, a medium thumbnail will have a maximum width and height of 300 pixels.

→ Large Thumbnail Size

As opposed to the medium size, choosing a large one will not interfere with the quality of your images. However, the website could end up running a little bit slower.

The maximum width and height values for a large thumbnail size are 1024 pixels.

→ Automatic Thumbnail Size

The third option that you can choose here is to have an automatic thumbnail size. Just as the name implies, this option will automatically choose the best recommended size for the thumbnail.

Moreover, if you are using an image optimization plugin (Optimole, for example), and choose this option for the thumbnail size, the image will be automatically set to “Large”.

This was a short guide that will hopefully help you understand which option works best for the “Image Gallery” element added to your site.

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