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Granted Thrive Apprentice Access to New WordPress User Roles

Here’s an example of how you can use the “Role is added to a user” trigger, from Thrive Automator.

Let’s say you have a Thrive Apprentice product that’s available for all the users of your website that have the “Subscriber” role:

Your website supports other WordPress user roles, such as “Contributor”, “Author”, “Editor” and so on, but only the subscribers have access to your course.

Let’s say that you want to grant access to this course to those users who are listed as “Contributors” on your website. You want to do that without changing the currently set access restriction rules of the product.

What you can do instead is set up an automation that has the start trigger set to “Role is added to a user”.

Here are the steps for achieving this:

Setting up the Automation

First, access Thrive Automator from your Thrive Dashboard:

Proceed with adding a new automation:

Open the list of start triggers and look for the “Role is added to a user” one:

After you make your selection, proceed with the next step, which is adding a condition:

Open the conditions drop-down list and select the “User role”:

Then make sure the “Contributor” box is checked in the following set of options:

Click on “Done” and proceed to the next step:

Every trigger is followed by an action. In this case, this trigger will be linked to the action of granting the contributors of your website access to a particular Thrive Apprentice product:

After you click on “Apprentice”, proceed with selecting the “Grant access to product” option:

You’ll next have to select the product:

And lastly, click on “Done”:

The only thing left to do is save and activate your automation:

Now all the contributors of your website will have access to the course you selected here, without you having to change the general access restriction rules of your Thrive Apprentice product.

You can check if the automation is working properly in the “Logs” section of Thrive Automator:

Hopefully this quick tutorial was useful to you.

Listed below you can find other automation walkthroughs of this type, if you want to check out more examples of how to use Thrive Automator:

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