Enrolling Users in a Course Only After They Pass a Test

This automation example will show you how to achieve the following scenario:

Let’s say that you want to enroll users of your site in one of your courses only if they have passed a test with a certain grade or above.

You can achieve that in Thrive Automator, Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Quiz Builder, using a start trigger and an action.

Prior to creating your automation, it is, of course, expected that you have already:

  • Created the Thrive Apprentice course and tied it to a product
  • Created the test/exam as a Thrive Quiz Builder quiz;

Then, you can go ahead and create an automation using Thrive Automator, by adding the following

  • Start Trigger: User completes quiz (and add a condition);
  • Action: Grant access to product;
  • Additionally, you can add the users that have passed the test to an autoresponder and send them an email, to let them know that they have been enrolled in the course. That can be done using the action “Add user to autoresponder”;

Continue reading this article to see a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this.

First of all, access the Thrive Automator dashboard and click on the “Add New” button, to add a new automation:

Please see this article if you need more information about the process.

Set up the start trigger

Start trigger – User Completes Quiz

Once you open the automation canvas, you can start by adding the first start trigger, which is the “User completes quiz” one. Click on this field, to open the list of available start triggers:

Choose “User completes quiz” from this list:

In order to create the condition that only the users that have achieved a certain grade get enrolled in the course, we will have to also use the “Only trigger if the following conditions are met” option, so click on the second field:

Depending on the way you’ve constructed your quiz (the test), you will have to choose a certain option here.

In my case, the test score can go from 1 to 100. The minimum grade I have decided on is 60. This means that the users that score below 60 points will not be granted access to the product that has my course.

For this reason, I will set up the following condition:

  • Quiz score (if numeric) – I’ve chosen this option because my quiz is a numeric type;
  • More than – I want to set up a condition using a minimum grade;
  • 59 – the value chosen here is 59 because I also want the users that score 60 points to be added to the course;

Click on “Done” to save the start trigger:

We’re all done with this first trigger, and we can go ahead and add the actions.

Set up the actions

Action – Grant access to product

The first action is the one that will enroll the users that have successfully passed the test into the course of your choice. For that, select the “Grant access to product” action as the one that follows the start trigger:

Open the list and choose the course to which you want the users to be added:

Click on “Done” to save the action:

So far, the automation looks like this:

As mentioned previously in this article, you can add one more action, to connect the automation with an autoresponder. This way, you can create the setup in such a way that it will notify the users (via email) if they have passed the test and successfully enrolled in your course.

Action – Add User In Autoresponder

The action you can add next is the “Add user in autoresponder” one:

You then have two choices:

  • You can choose an autoresponder from the list (the services shown in this list will be the autoresponders that have previously been connected in your Thrive Dashboard);
  • In case you want to integrate to an autoresponder for which we have not created a direct integration yet, you can choose the “Send Webhook” action. Please see this example in case you’re looking for further instructions on setting up this action.

In this case, I will select ActiveCampaign, an autoresponder that I have previously connected to my Thrive Dashboard, as advised by the instructions from this article:

Then, set it up by adding the mailing list, tags, etc. and click on “Done”:

You can then publish the automation and click on “Save and finish” to save it:

In ActiveCampaign, I have set up another automation, that starts whenever that “60%” tag is applied to one of the users and sends out an email in which they get notified about passing the test and being enrolled in the course:

Please take a look here in case you need more information about creating automations in ActiveCampaign.

And that should be it! Now, whenever someone passes the test, they will be added to your course and autoresponder, and they will receive an email in which they’re notified about this.

I really hope this article was useful. For more specific examples of Thrive Automator automations, please check out this knowledge base section:

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