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Enabling Slack Notifications Each Time a Member Completes a Course

The “User completes course” trigger from Thrive Automator allows you to set up an automation that gets triggered each time a member from your online school completes one of your Thrive Apprentice courses.

In this article you’ll learn how to send a ‘congratulations’ message to a Slack channel, each time a specific course from Thrive Apprentice is completed by your students. The entire process can be set up once in Thrive Automator, so you don’t need to manually do this each time a course gets completed.

Let’s jump right into the process:

Setting up the Automation

You’ll first have to make sure your Thrive Apprentice course is created and published:

Then, you can proceed with setting up the automation. Access Thrive Automator:

Create a new automation and give it a name:

For this use case, let’s go ahead and set the “User completes course” as our start trigger:

If you want to set a condition here, then use the next drop-down list that shows up:

For example, let’s say that I want to trigger this automation only for those users who complete a particular course from my online school. I am able to set this up using the “Course title” condition from this drop-down list:

You can proceed to adding a new action next:

This will trigger a list of actions you can select next:

Click on the “Slack” card top open the list of options:

Click on “Send notification”:

You’ll next have to set up the Slack notification settings:

First, select the channel to which this message should be sent:

Customize the message in the following field:

You can use both dynamic and static data to customize your message. I will start with the “Registered user” data:

Pick the user’s first name:

Then proceed with adding a text of my own:

And for the last part of the message, I’ll make sure to include another dynamic value. Click on the “Apprentice course” field:

Select “Course title” from the list of options:

Your message should look like this now:


You can use the “Fields” section to map out the fields that will be sent to the webhook. This step is entirely optional:

Lastly, send a test message to Slack:

You should receive a message with dummy data as placeholder for your Slack notification:

Your automation is now ready to be saved and activated:

Now each time a member of your online school completes the course that you’ve set up in your automation, a customized ‘congratulations’ message will be send to Slack:

This is how easily you can automate the process of sending a message to a Slack channel, each time a student completes a course from Thrive Apprentice.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and easy to follow. If you want to read more articles of this type, then you should check out this section of our knowledge base:

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