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Creating Products and Bundles in SendOwl & Set Them Up in Thrive Apprentice

You can easily create products in SendOwl and then, set them up in Thrive Apprentice so that your customers can buy them.

These products can be your courses or additional products that you wish to offer your customers, who visit your course page created with Thrive Apprentice. You can also include a link for these products on your sales pages.

How to add a product/bundle in your SendOwl account

Go to your SendOwl account and click on the “Products” section from the left sidebar:

On this page, you will see every product or bundle that you have previously added and you have the possibility to add new ones:

Click on the “Product” card to start setting up your first product:

a) Adding a product:

This will trigger a pop-up where you have to choose between the Product Types: Digital file, Service, Physical, Redirect, and Drip.

Depending on the type of your product you want to add, there will be different fields that you have to complete, but it is very important to set a price for your product.:

Tip: If you choose the “Redirect” type to create a product that you want to tie ​to a course you made with Thrive Apprentice, ​then you ​have two ways of completing the URL section:

  • ​​You can either enter the​ ​”Single Thank You Page Redirect URL” here (this is the same URL from the Thrive Apprentice Quick Start Guide, that you have to save as the “Return URL” in your SendOwl account). This way the people who buy the course will be redirected according to the Thank You Page Settings that you have set up.
  • ​Or you can enter the URL of the course directly (you can copy this URL if you open the “Course Details” option of your course). This way ​the people who buy this product, ​will be automatically redirected to the course that you have created.

After you have completed the necessary fields for your product click on the “Create Product” button and you will see that the product is created.

b) Creating a bundle:

Creating a bundle will allow you to sell several products together:

In the first two sections of the pop-up, you will have to give a name to your bundle and set up a price for it. Then, you can select the products that you want to include in this bundle by checking the checkbox next to their name:

Once you have finished setting up the bundle, click on the “Create Bundle” button and your bundle is ready.

After you have finished setting up the product or the bundle, you can go back to Thrive Apprentice and get the “Purchase Link” for them, so your customers will be able to buy them.

Set up products/bundles in Thrive Apprentice:

The next step is to go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and click on the “Settings” section from the left sidebar:

Once opened, select “SendOwl”:

In the “SendOwl” page look for the “Purchase Links” section and click on the “Get Purchase Links” button:

You will see that there are two sections you can choose from: the “Product” and the “Bundle” sections:

Based on what you need the purchase link for, you can click on the “Product” or “Bundle” section to open it. The procedure is the same for both sections. In this example, we will go with the “Product” section.

After you click on it, you will see a new section appear, where you can select the respective product from. Click on the “Select an option” field to open the list of products:

Then, from the drop-down list that opened, click on the product you want to set up/include in your Thrive Apprentice page or other sales pages:

After you have selected the respective product/bundle, you can copy its URL, shortcode or HTML Code from the fields of the section that appeared below the “Product” section.

You can use the URL to link call-to-action words like “Buy Now” to your products/bundles; while the shortcode and the HTML code of your product/bundle can be embedded in your pages.

For Thrive Apprentice, we recommend using the URL (the generated purchase link), as it is the easiest way to set up the product/bundle in your pages:

Note: If you have also set up discounts in your SendOwl account, then you have the option of making the selected product available with the discount. If you need information on how to do that, check out this article.

After you copy the URL, you can use it while setting up the SendOwl Protection Options of the course. With the help of this URL (purchase link), you can give the visitors to your website the option of buying your products/bundles.

Naturally, as mentioned in the introduction of this article, you can also link a call-to-action to this URL (purchase link) on your sales pages, so your visitors can buy the product directly from there.

If you need details on how to do that, please check out this tutorial.

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