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Cannot Edit the Content of My Page – Troubleshooting

It might happen that you are unable to edit the content of your pages when:

  • you try to edit a page with Thrive Architect

  • you try to switch to Thrive Architect, while editing your Thrive Theme Builder template

  • you try to access your template in Thrive Theme Builder and the “Post Content” element does not load correctly.

This issue can appear because you have pages that were generated by third-party plugins, or pages that are using WordPress shortcodes, and they are not compatible with Thrive Architect, respectively Thrive Theme Builder.

There are many third-party plugins that can generate pages, as well as many WordPress shortcodes that can be used on pages. This is why we cannot be sure which one is causing the problem on your website, and what type of issue or plugin conflict this is.

In order to resolve this issue, please open a support conversation here and our customer support team will assist you as soon as possible.

Furthermore, to be able to help you faster, and for an even more efficient debugging process, please also provide FTP details in the conversation you will open.

This way our developers can find out the exact cause of your issue more quickly, and they will also be able to try to fix it faster.

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