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Adding Custom Scripts to Thrive Architect Landing Pages

When you’re creating a landing page, you may wish to include custom scripts in the header, body, or footer of your page. You can use custom scripts if you want to add more functionality to your website or to improve already existing features.

You can do this quickly and easily on any landing page, by following these steps:

Access the ‘Advanced Settings’

While you’re editing your landing page, access the ā€œSettingsā€ menu by clicking on the gear icon in the right sidebar:

Then, click on the ā€œAdvanced Settingsā€œ option to open it:

Once you have accessed the ā€œAdvanced Settingsā€, choose the ā€œCustom Scriptsā€ option, by clicking on it:

After you click it, you will trigger this section on the left sidebar where you can add your scripts:

Note: You can also access the “Custom Scripts” from the “Main Options” of your landing page.

You first have to make sure that the landing page is selected, so that the corresponding options will appear in the left sidebar:

And here, click on the “Custom Scripts” section to open it:

Paste the Custom Script

Anything you insert into these fields will appear on the landing page in the corresponding header, body, or footer section.

For example, I will add this custom script in the body section, in order to turn the color of all my text paragraphs pink:

p {
color: pink !important;

Simply paste in the script in the “Body (header) scripts” section:

Save and Preview

The change will not be instantly visible on your page. You first have to save and preview it, and then be able to actually view the changes made by the script you’ve just added:

Here’s a snapshot of how my page looks like after saving it:

These were the steps for adding custom scripts to your Thrive Architect landing page.

If you are interested in adding your script to all your Thrive Architect landing pages at once, you can do that, by following the instructions in the “How to Use the Landing Pages Analytics & Scripts Manager” article.

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