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  • You're looking for a more advanced technique to boost signups on your website.
  • You have an opt-in form that you're showing on your entire website and would like to know the most efficient way to optimize conversions.
  • You're getting traffic but your opt-in offer is underperforming.​
  • You're unsure about what your next opt-in offer should be.

Nodding your head up and down? Keep on reading!


Even though the steps I'll show you in this post are pretty simple and straightforward, to be able to get relevant information you'll need data to analyze.

That's why, if you're just starting out building your list, this is probably not the best place to start.

But I encourage you to check out our beginner's guide to choosing the perfect opt-in form and get that first opt-in form up and running on your website! 

How Understanding the Power of Average Will Save You Tons of Time Creating Your Next Opt-in Offer

If you're getting a 5% opt-in rate for a lightbox that's showing on your entire website, you can be sure that some posts convert more visitors into subscribers than others. If you can optimize the under-performing posts, you'll get more leads.

The solution is simple: "Create a better targeted opt-in offer for your blog posts and you'll get higher over-all opt-in rates."

But where should you start? I'm guessing you do not have time to create new opt-in offers for each and every blog post...​

You need a way to discover the content that is worth your time. 

​Discover the Biggest Leverage: Get the Best Results With the Least Amount of Effort

You want to start by optimizing the content that will give you the most return on investment AKA the most leads.

That's where the Content Marketing Report comes in.

This report will immediately show you high traffic, low converting posts for any given opt-in form.​ One glance at this report and you'll now for sure what content is worth your precious time.

The good news? This report is part of Thrive Leads! No need to have any other analytics plugin installed on your website, all the information is available in the Thrive Leads dashboard. Simply click on "Lead Reports" in the upper right corner.

​In this case, you're interested in your site-wide opt-in offer (source) and in discovering underperforming content with a lot of impressions.

Filtering the report by impressions will allow you to concentrate on optimizing the content that can actually make a difference.

How Can You Optimize Underperforming Content?

You've discovered what high traffic content is underperforming on your site-wide opt-in offer. It's time to optimize these posts.

Is the underperforming content covering the same topic?

First of all, look if you can find any "trends".

Imagine you notice all your recipe blog posts that are underperforming for your "Healthy Lunches in Under 30 Minutes" guide are dessert related. In that case you can start brainstorming ideas for a new opt-in offer that you could use on all of these posts.​

We've compiled the best opt-in offers ideas from around the web in this blog post. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration for a new opt-in offer in there! 

An idea might be to offer "15 Sugar-Free Dessert" Recipe Cards subscribers can download.

Once you've created the new opt-in offer, create a new lead group in Thrive Leads and set the targeting options to only these specific blog posts you've discovered in the Content Marketing Report (full instructions here). So that instead of showing the underperforming sitewide opt-in offer, you're showing the new, highly relevant opt-in offer.

Is the underperforming content an outlier?

If you notice that one blog post gets a ton of traffic but it's the only one in the category, you can create a content upgrade.

Content upgrades are super specific to the original content and are only used for that one blog post. ​

Once you've created the content upgrade, create a new lead shortcode, choose the content upgrade template in Thrive Leads. Insert the shortcode into your blog post (you can copy paste the shortcode, or drag a Thrive Leads Forms element on the page if you're using Thrive Content Builder.)

We've seen great results when adding the shortcode twice, once right after the introduction of the blogpost and once halfway through the content.

If you're planning on adding several of these content upgrades, delivering them might become a hassle (some email providers will force you to create new lists to send a specific welcome email, or you will have to create a new automation for each content upgrade, etc.). That's why I encourage you to set up the Asset Delivery Feature in Thrive Leads. This will allow you to automatically send download links to new subscribers.

Now It's Your Turn​

Did you discover any underperforming content? Did you start optimizing yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Hanne knows exactly what companies have ever retargeted her (she keeps an updated file). And when she's not busy discussing high-level funnel design over cocktails with the equally geeky, you'll find her discovering a place for the first time

  • Thanks Hanne! I really like when you guys outline these simple tricks in your blogs/videos cause you guys have so many awesome features that I’m not aware of and these posts make me aware of them. Thanks!

  • You guys are seriously AMAZING Hanne! I just revisited my blog and using this reporting feature realized that I am missing out on a huge opportunity to get more opt-ins from one of my highest viewed blog posts.

    I will be doing some tweaking for sure to this post to see if I can increase conversions. Yaaay for Thrive!

    • Kim, you hipped me to this. Totally thank you. I hadn’t noticed the Lead Report feature. It’s a huge resource. I’ll be adding a few magnets this weekend. And you know what, I’m just gonna follow you around the blogosphere for the entire year. Hehe Thanks again.

  • Hanne – great video and blog post. I had no idea ThriveLeads even offered a Content Marketing report. I’ll be reviewing mine and definitely taking action. Thank you!

    • Hi Maria,

      I’m sure you’re not the only one… That’s exactly why we make these short tutorials to help you get the most out of the plugin (and build your list faster) πŸ™‚

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m fairly new to Thrive Leads, and I didn’t know about the Lead Report. That’s supporter helpful for creating special lead magnets for. It makes so much sense to focus on articles that getting traffic, instead of just throwing up a universal lead. I see now that I haven’t been using my Thrive Leads nearly enough.

  • Thx Hanne … though I am just starting out and being in the learning fase. I’ll definitely bookmark this post for later usage if enough conversions.

    • Hi Rory,

      Thank you.
      For the links, internal links open in the same tab and external links in a new tab. If you would like to open links in a new tab you can hold the “T” key while clicking on the link.

  • this is a great feature to do content upgrades. However, when I go to download my list, there is no such feature. Are you going to add this as a feature? It would be nice to download this data into excel. Otherwise I am printing out this data to track. Please add this feature quickly. tx

  • Hi Hanne,
    Unfortunately the Asset Delivery function is NOT available in Thrive Leads. Neither while using Mailchimp and als Not when using Mailerlite. Has this functionality been disabled from Thrive Leads?

    • Hi Indy,
      The feature is very much available but you need to use an email delivery service, not an email marketing service.
      You can learn more about the difference here.
      This would be something like Mandrill or Postmark.

    • Yes that’s the push notification tool. I think it’s a good way to start but it’s not a replacement for email.

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