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Discover How           Real Authors Use Bookwise to Showcase & Sell Their Books!

Discover How Real Authors Use Bookwise to Showcase & Sell Their Books!




Real Authors Selling Their Books with WordPress + Bookwise

Discover how these writers use Bookwise to craft a professional indie author website, connect with their readers, and ultimately sell more books.

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full-time contemporary fantasy author with over 50 independently published titles. His bestselling, multi-series universe, The Hundred Halls, features over 25 books. His stories focus on fantastic families, magical academies, and epic adventures. Tom uses Bookwise to showcase his stories, connect with his audience, publish his blog posts, and sell more books.

We love how Thomas uses these Bookwise features...

Gorgeous book cover carousel

Tom’s book covers are stunningly designed, and he uses the built-in Bookwise carousel to showcase his best illustrated covers on his homepage and link to his Shopify webstore.

Reviews everywhere!

Tom has collected tons of raving reviews from readers and critics. Bookwise lets him show off these reviews across his website to entice his visitors to give his books a try.

Professional blog design

Bookwise comes with a range of blog layouts, and Tom has customized his website to showcase his posts with colorful, full-width featured images to announce new stories and share his progress.

Thomas K Carpenter

"Since implementing the Bookwise template, we have experienced an impressive elevation of our author brand, resulting in increased website conversion rates.

With its seamless integration to our email service provider and ease of installation, we have been able to maintain and expand our fanbase effortlessly, freeing up more time to focus on the things we love like writing and exploring."

Mary Lou is a best-selling author, poet, podcaster, educator and entrepreneur... and she does it all with Bookwise. From children's books to marketing, limericks to leadership, Mary Lou is an indie author to watch. Her website uses so many Bookwise features to showcase her brand, including events and reviews.

We love how Mary uses these Bookwise features...

Exciting Events

Exciting webinars, meet-ups and interviews are all showcased on Mary Lou’s website using the powerful tools included with the Bookwise indie author theme for WordPress.

Professional Podcast

Mary Lou features her conversation-driven podcast and proudly displays over 100,000 downloads and 450+ episodes using the stylish Bookwise statistics section.

Customized Booking Page

To grow her speaking, training and workshop services, Mary Lou uses a specially designed landing page with an embedded enquiry form. This includes qualifying questions to filter the best leads for conversion.

Mary Lou Kayser

"I’ve been using Thrive Themes for a few years for my website and have been happy with the quality of the products along with the excellent customer service.

My enthusiasm for Thrive Themes increased 100 times when they launched Bookwise. As an author, podcaster, and strategic communications and branding coach, Bookwise is perfect for showcasing my work and how I serve clients.

The layout is thoughtful, logical, elegant, and simple. I receive numerous compliments about my website now and my book orders have increased since switching to Bookwise. And I’m just getting started! Thanks to the design and engineering team at Thrive Themes for creating Bookwise. It’s a game changer."

Christa Fairbrother is the author of Water Yoga, a comprehensive guide to practicing and instructing yoga in the water with clear, easy to use directions. In addition to Water Yoga, Christa has also written There's no P in our OOL and The Yoga Love Missives… all beautifully presented on her Bookwise indie author website.

We love how Christa uses these Bookwise features...

Customized to Fit Her Brand

Christa has taken Bookwise and customized it to match her brand, personality and audience. Aquamarine colors and great use of white space give it a tranquil, restful vibe.

Even MORE Customization

In addition to customizing the look and feel of her Bookwise website, Christa has also added bespoke sections for her Upcoming Work and Published Work which help showcase her range of exciting projects.

The Power of Reviews

Christa understands how important reviews are to selling books, which is why she’s used Bookwise's many review templates to showcase her best book reviews website-wide to encourage visitors to become avid readers!

Dave is the author of The Age of Prophecy Series, The Cash Machine, and The Size of Your Dreams. He uses Bookwise to create a unique indie author brand online – and, of course, sell more books to grow his readers. We featured Dave Mason’s amazing website on our blog, showcasing real indie authors who use Bookwise.

We love how Dave uses these Bookwise features...

Great Homepage Branding

Dave has taken the author-focused Bookwise homepage template and made it his own, injecting it with his positive personality and smiling photographs. His audience can immediately see the man behind the books with a large photo of himself in the top hero section.

Interactive Book Cover Carousel

Dave’s beautifully designed book covers really shine in his animated, interactive carousel. His books look professional and put many traditional published authors to shame.

eBook Mock-up Template

Dave has created a compelling opt-in offer to his newsletter to encourage visitors to become readers, using the built-in, no-code, no photoshop eBook reader template design available inside Bookwise.

Dave Mason

"I kept putting off creating an author site for myself.

When Thrive Themes released Bookwise, I realized I had no more excuses!

The theme was designed with authors in mind, and it helped me launch a great site in under two hours."

Author of the Bella Santini Chronicles, Angela Legh has written a delightful children's book series that plants the seeds of emotional intelligence and self-love into an engaging story. Angela is passionate about giving young readers the tools they need to find their place in the world around them, and her books inspire young people during their formative years with a magical series full of courage, self discovery, love and respect.

We love how Angela uses these Bookwise features...

Character and Plot Showcase

Bookwise comes with a specially designed tabbed section that Angela uses to share the characters, plot and inspiration behind the books, so new readers can connect with her world of fairies, dragons and trolls.

No-Photoshop eBook Previews

Using Bookwise’s easily customizable mock-up templates, readers can preview how Angela’s stories might look on their mobile or eBook reader, along with cute illustrations and links to purchase on Amazon.

Exciting Author Events

Angela has a great schedule of author events to promote her books and share the topics that inspire her. All of this is professionally presented using the templates inside Bookwise.

Angela Legh

"I have struggled as an author to set up a beautiful website that communicated information about my books. With a limited budget, I was forced to build my website on WordPress. Fortunately for me, a consultant recommended that I use Thrive Themes.

Everything changed for me once Thrive Themes offered the Bookwise theme pack!

This theme pack is uniquely designed for authors to promote books and events and provide reviews. The theme pack is easy to use and creates beautiful results. I love using the Bookwise theme pack and have used it on three separate websites to promote the work that I do."

Bookwise can be used for so much more than just indie authors. Nadine shows us how it’s also a great WordPress theme for photography brands too. She runs a lifestyle photography business, capturing those precious moments of pregnancy, newborns, family and love. We love to see Bookwise being used in such creative niches!

We love how Nadine uses these Bookwise features...

Interactive Service Tabs

Nadine has modified the tabbed section originally designed for indie authors. Her version now gives a fun, interactive way of browsing her main photography services like Newborn, Family, and Pregnancy.

Raving Reviews!

Again, Nadine has taken the review tools intended for indie authors, and masterfully modified them to showcase her happy photography customers.

Embedded Booking Form

Nadine uses the powerful Contact Form element to embed a stylish booking form on her Bookwise website. This makes is easy for potential customers to get in touch to ask their questions and buy a package.

Nadine Ruchti

"Recently I switched to Bookwise and my website feels so much more aligned with me and my business.

As a photographer (yes, I use Bookwise for my photography business) it’s not only important to showcase your work, but it’s also really important to show the person behind the camera. With this theme I can show more of me and my personality, so potential clients can feel a connection immediately."

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testimonials & Reviews

Here's What People are Saying About Bookwise...

Seriously … I don’t know whether it’s your in-house designers or someone you contracted, but as a writer and marketer who specializes in helping business owners self-publish their book, I have to say, you guys NAILED it!

Your attention to detail to what’s going on in the publishing space is remarkable.

This is such an exciting theme and your entire team should be proud.

Michael D

This theme is awesome! The author portions of my site have needed an update for a while now, and this theme fits the bill to a T. Thanks for Bookwise.

Eric B


I am a self-published author, content creator, and writer. I am really looking forward to doing a deep dive into adding this to my website. Thanks for creating this specific theme.

Mark Burke


Love the look of Bookwise - You guys are knocking it out of the park every day! Thank you!



If you’re looking for the best WordPress author website builder, you can’t go wrong with Bookwise… It will help you drive more conversions while still helping you preserve the beauty behind your words and the power behind your stories.

Market with Clare


Loaded with features that make it the perfect WordPress ecosystem for Authors. Thrive’s designers have done a great job creating mock-ups built right into Thrive Architect. You simply swap your images, and your books come alive on the page in physical and tablet formats.

Doug at Convology


I have spent quite a lot of time over the years looking for an author theme that works for me. I'm so excited to see Thrive Themes has created Bookwise, a theme specifically for authors. You can completely change the look and feel of your entire website while maintaining TOTAL control over your brand, fonts, colors and design.

Dwainia Grey


I love the versatility of the pages. It's nice to be able to create dedicated landing pages for each book from a template rather than having to construct them myself from scratch every time, but it's also nice to have such a high level of control over the customization of those pages so that it feels like mine rather than just being a template.

Cat Webling


The first time I checked out Bookwise I was blown away by all its features and the website’s layout. For any author who wants a professional website, Bookwise is the way to go. Bookwise is a conversion-focused website, developed for indie-authors and writerpreneurs. It was designed to connect with your readers and convert visits into sales.

Christine at Writetopia


I’m very excited about this! We’ve been self publishing books for 12 years now and this is the first website template that I’ve seen dedicated to indie authors.

We have officially migrated to the Bookwise theme, and I love it!

The lead generation block integrates easily with MailerLite for us to communicate directly with fans when they sign up for the newsletter. Thank you for such a great theme!



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