We recently released a new set of landing pages that were so focused on the absolute essentials that we called them "Atomic". They were very well received and you asked us for more, so we delivered more!

In this post, you'll get a quick tour of the new landing page set and we'll introduce the bonus content we've created this time around.


The new pages shown in the video are available right now, in the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress.

The Content Playground

As a bonus, we've tried something new for this set: we've included a "content page". Usually, our templates represent complete pages, made for a specific purpose. You can load one up, change the text and it's ready to go.

The content page is different. This page is composed of many different content elements like boxes, lead generation forms and calls to action.

What you can do with this page and the elements on it is:

  1. Save the elements you like as content templates, to reuse in other landing pages and elsewhere on your site.
  2. Mix, match and reorder elements on the content page to turn it into a sales page, about page, landing page, content piece or whatever else you have in mind.

The idea here is to provide you with building blocks - all beautifully designed in a consistent style and fully mobile friendly - instead of only giving you finished pages.

I'd love to know what you think of this bonus page and whether it's something you can make good use of, so please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

About the Author

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder of Thrive Themes. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about productivity here.

  • Nothing against 0815 landing pages but from day to day I am becoming more frustrated with TT in general, especially not knowing how to continue with existing websites (build with TCB).
    So many problems, bugs etc with the migration. I would expect to hear something about Thrive´s strategy to help existing customers who do not know what to do.
    Some guys tell something like “it´s only a website” – that´s make me angry because we speak about business websites. We speak about making money, reputation etc.

    Again, I expect a solution for the solution for the migration of existing TCB Websites.

    • Hello Volker,

      I know that you’ve had a difficult time with the transition. I’m sorry that this has been the case. From our side, we’ve been releasing many updates addressing various bugs and theme/plugin conflicts that have been reported. I know that from your perspective, it seems that we delivered something broken and it probably also seems like we’re not doing anything about it, if your problems have still not been solved. I don’t know why this is, but you’re one of a small minority of users who’ve had problems with the transition at all. About 80% of our users have had either no issues at all or minor issues that didn’t cause any serious problems and were resolved within the first few days after release.

      Your site is on the far end of the bell curve. We are working our way towards that, but there’s nothing I know of that we could do to specifically address your issue and your frustrations with this.

      • I really love what you guys do so I became a member but your support really sucks. After switching with TA , I am not be able to build my pages since last 10 days but I have not seen any progress for resolving the issue on my ticket.
        If 2 million posts on TA support forum seems a minority % of users , I don’t what serious issue means to you guys.
        I was planning to be an affiliate of Thrive themes but if I am not getting any support , how do I promote things?
        Anyways, hopefully this comment gets approved and I get a reply on it.

      • Our support team and development teams are catching up with the support requests. I know that waiting times have been longer than usual lately, because of the Thrive Architect release. I’m sorry for the waiting time.

        We don’t have anywhere near 2 million posts, though. There’s a total of about 2,000 support tickets created about Thrive Architect since launch and almost all of them have been resolved. I realize that the way the forum displays the number of posts and replies is neither clear nor useful. It’s a BBpress feature that we never deactivated, but seeing your comment and a few similar ones recently, we clearly should have.

  • I love it but would be nicer if many of the content box an other elements could integrate inside of the plugin thive architect including an small preview image of each element to make the work easier. Also I hope you keep working in more landing page templates. I am proud all of your team.

    • Hello Juan,

      Something like that is planned for a future update. It’s more of a long term plan, though. It will take a while to make this a reality.

  • This set is even better than the first one. The bonus page with the mobile-ready templates is gold, whether you use them as inspiration, starting points or just as they are. I especially like the minimalistic forms with a simple line instead of a little “box” to put the address in.

    Minor point: said line is stacked up vertically on the subscribe button in the mobile version, which is confusing as without a box around it, it looks more like a divider. I would add a text such as “your email address”, but maybe it’s done via the autoresponder rather than Thrive.

    I think a good way to experiment with these would be cloning the bonus page, then personalizing every single element for your theme. Even just changing fonts and colors gives you a different look. Having them all on the same page helps you keep them graphically coherent, then you can save each element as a content template. MUCH faster than building them from scratch.

    Please do keep these coming, I can see them being great bases to fully personalize the style on the upcoming “universal” theme.

    – HOME PAGES please. You should do many variations for different kinds of sites, and present them with a video that explains us exactly which elements are more important in each case and why
    – about us pages
    – contact pages
    – a lead magnet delivery page where the content is not a downloadable pdf but a series of videos like in you “rapid landing page” series
    – a set of ready 404 error pages with clever ideas to make the visitor stay on the site, for example lists of your best posts

    • Thank you, Lorenzo.

      About the input fields: you can change the text to whatever you want, when setting up the form connection to your email marketing system. 🙂

      There’s also a quick way to adopt these pages with your own theme fonts: in the font options, just choose the “inherit” option for each text style or element you want to change.

      More homepages are in the works. And the other suggestions are noted. We’ll see what we can do, in future landing page sets. 🙂

  • These look fantastic Shane! Love the minimalist template design. The elements on the content page look very useful and should save quite a bit of time trying to make things look just right on our own pages. Thanks to all the team at Thrive!

  • Awesome work man!

    Absolutely loving this plugin – it’s so great. I’m excited to see what you add to it in the future.

    I’m hoping for typekit/typography(dot)com fonts (even just typing them in) in the near future pretty please 🙂

    P.S So happy with the bugs you’ve worked out and how it’s continuing to grow.

  • Anywhere else on the planet any company other than Thrive Themes would beat chests to boast over a new landing page… To their credit Thrive however goes to great length explaining the why and wherefore and use of such a page. It’s what makes Thrive Themes business centric. The help users create websites and sales pages which convert. There is rubber and there is asphalt, and most page builders are good at delivering one or the other. Some may look good at both, but nowhere have I seen a page builder team like Thrive Themes which is good at mixing together both to build a highway toward success. When explaining in detail as they do, Thrive shows itself to be a company which cares but also understands success is a two lane road.

  • Another excellent minimalist set! Was wondering though what is going on with the Themes? With all the great templates available, I’ve just been using one of the new spartan lightweight themes out there and plugging in, now, Thrive Architect to do the job.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling that people are moving away from bloated WordPress themes and relying more on their page builders to do the heavy lifting. In which case you use just what you need.

  • The only thing missing here is a CTA/direction/link on how to get going with this (sorry, but i get rusty & the changeover to TA has reduced my confidence in my own understanding of how things work). Thanks.

  • Yet more awesomeness. As you know, I loved the first batch of atomic designs, and I’m about to test the landing page made I from it in the real world, but the design of these new sets is breathtaking.

  • I recently used the Atomic 1 set to launch a program. Love how simple this and set 2 look. I would LOVE it if you use Atomic to create a new site theme. I’m using Pressive, but I want to use something clean and even more simple like Atomic 2.

  • I’m loving the Atomic page set! I appreciate focusing on the essentials, keeping a clean, minimalistic approach. I especially appreciate the addition of the Content Page with all the elements included. Great stuff!

    Any plans on including a home page template in this set?

  • Excellent material – all of these elements are making it easy to build a swipe file of templates. Thank you for these, and more, and more…

  • Shane, this is awesome! Typography, in my opinion, is one of most underrated advantages. I actually keep bookmarks of pages that have beautiful typography and layouts.

    Yeah yeah yeah we all know about the “Ugly Page” conversion metrics and I’m sure it still works; nonetheless, perception is the reality. The aesthetics of page can have a significant impact on the positioning of company/person, especially those charging higher than market prices.

    Please continue to make more of these. Thanks!

      • Thanks and have a pleasant Saturday, Hanne. Big hugs for everyone at TT. You are my personal TT: Tech Trainers for my flight through the ether and beyond!

  • Had somehow missed this set – these are great! Looking forward to putting this all to work in my new site update – keep up the awesome work! Hope the support backlog eases off soon!

  • Hello Shane,
    Have you guys thought about introducing a separate sizing option for the secondary button text? Right now all the text has to be the same size unless I’m missing something? It would be nice to be able to have a nice big in your face call to action with your main text and then a smaller incentive message below it? Just an idea. Thanks

  • Hi Shane
    I have tried to use the Atomic 2 content page – the main headline size doesn’t seem to want to change. Not sure if anyone else has had that issue. I have tried re-loading. Thanks!

    • We’ll check the template. In the meantime, try deleting it and adding a new text element in its place. Choose the appropriate heading and you should have basically the same result.

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